• Meet the new Retail APP

Let's explain the features

AppWindow is a dedicated to create channel for your product or group of products. You can easily feature products and sell them with the built-in eCommerce support. Start today by contacting us!

Queue No More!

Those customer who prefer quick shopping or have no time after job will find it quickest way to get your product at door.

Increase Conversion

Customer conversion will be much easier with available user data.

Find It Fast

App category filteration and search functionality will make shopping experience much better for customer.

Bargaining Chip

Channel to send Discount offers and coupons to customers whenever you want.

Richer Customer Experience

If there’s a single truth to shopping, it’s that the customer experience matters.A mobile app is the ultimate way to improve the customer experience, acting as an extension of a retailer’s brand and offering features that aren’t possible anywhere else.

Loyalty Integration

Mobile apps can facilitate both mobile payments and rewards programs on a single channel. Loyalty programs can work on a much deeper, more personalized level, offering discounts not only based on past purchasing patterns, but also customer geography, location within stores, interests, and more.

Deeper Analytics

In retail, insight is the new currency, and context is king. Delivering the personalized, hyper-relevant experiences that customers demand requires a deep understanding of the customers themselves, which requires data. Mobile apps offer unparalleled analytics capabilities, which allow retailers to better understand their customers and make data-driven business decisions that will improve the shopping experience and drive sales, both in-store and out-of-store.