Remy Laure

Since the launch of the << Black Mask>> in 1971, Remy Laure brings the benefits of Moortherapy (beauty treatment with terrestrial mud) to beauticians worldwide.

Remy Laure associates this experience of natural beauty with an ongoing research for the best modern cosmetic ingredients, in order to propose efficient and authentic formulas.

Originally founded in 1921 in the perfumery sector, the company changed its name in 1971 and launched the Remy Laure professional skin line. Manufacturing facilities were acquired in 1984 to cope with rapid expansion. Our laboratory is using the most advanced technology to develop new formulas and textures and adapt to the changing needs of our customers in 21 countries up-to-date.

Remy Laure would like to thank you for your visit and sincerely hopes that you will be satisfied with the quality of tis beauty treatments.


Remy Laure searched in the whole world for all the pure terrestrial muds with beauty benefits.

Extracted from the heart of our Earth (alpine valleys, lakes, wild countryside), enriched by centuries of slow evolution, protected from pollution, these muds coming from the different continents are thoroughly studied to enable a rational use as effective as possible.

Each mud has particular benefits, which are exploited by Remy Laure to energize your beauty. Natural, generous, effective, the Moortherapy is the answer to environmental aesthetic concerns. Since human being exists, he is nourished by the Earth. Now, thanks to the Earth and Remy Laure, his original beauty is replenished.